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What can Make you Bust Your Broadband Limit?



I can’t be the only one who received a huge internet bill in his life, right? The infamous gigabytes¬†overconsumption hit me twice in the past 4 months, so I started to believe that my 30 gigabytes broadband by month is not enough for what I do with a computer. Unlimited internet is not offer everywhere, but some internet packages near Toronto, where I live, are affordable and can be very interesting. But if you’re like me and don’t use Internet 8 hours a day, you are not suppose to need unlimited. I don’t play games online, I don’t download often and I use my internet approximately 1 or 2 hours a day at most. So what is causing me to use that much internet in some months? ¬†Let’s see what usage can get out of control and result in very high internet bills.

Everything you do on the web is download

At first, I thought that only things I downloaded like mp3s and games were count as downloads. But in reality, it’s a completely different story. As soon as you open a webpage, you are downloading. When your Facebook is refreshing, you are downloading. Even when you are simply chatting on something like Google Talk and Skype, you are again downloading. Obviously, some internet activities are heavier than others on the data side. For example, if you load a very basic website with almost text only, you will not use a lot of megabytes (maybe not even one). But if you open a recent top notch HTML 5 website with lots of visuals, you will get way past the megabyte cap.

HD is your enemy

These days, everything is HD everywhere. I swear I even dream in HD nowadays! But when it comes to gigabytes consumption, high definition is your worst nightmare. The difference between watching a standard 360p video on Youtube and a 1080p is astounding. It’s about 5 times more broadband usage for the 1080p video. I realized that HD videos were the problem as far as I’m concerned. So I changed my habits and I now watch my videos in 480p, which is still pretty nice but don’t use nearly as much broadband.

Upload count too

People always talk about download, but upload count too. Whenever you send data to someone, you are using your broadband. Let’s say you post a video on your youtube channel, you are using as much broadband as how big the video is. On a smaller scale, when you send a Facebook message to one of your friend, it’s upload again, even if it’s not considerable. Be aware of upload too!


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