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Men Jewelry : Why I’m Still not a Fan

If you know me, you’re aware that I’m not really into jewelry. It’s just not my thing. I stopped wearing a watch ever since cellphone became a thing (I used watches to keep track of time, not to flash). I wear no ring, no necklace, no bracelet. The only piece of “fashion” I can’t go out with are my glasses because, you know, I need to see, and there’s no way I’m sticking lens on my eyeballs. Let’s be honest, I’m not the only man with a psychological blocking when it comes to fashion in general, including jewelry, of course.

What causes men to be afraid of fashion?

When you take a look at history, it’s clear that men from a lot of different cultures at different points in time have use jewelry. In fact, in specific cultures, men whore more jewelry than women. So I’m asking myself : What causes modern men like me to be so reticent? Let’s take a look at 3 of my late 80s and 90s idols.

Arnold Schwarzenegger



Unless you consider real dog tags to be jewelry, I’ve never seen Arny with any jewel whatsoever.

James Bond

James Bond


James Bond represent the alpha male by excellence. He’s always showing class, wear expensive suits and always drive prestige cars. But he’s not wearing jewelry, never!

Kurt Cobain

Kurt Coabin



I grew up as a huge fan of Nirvana, and the fact that Kurt was so simple was one of the reason why I liked him so much. No jewelry to be seen!

I could continue this list for a long time. Bruce Willis, Steven Seagal, J-C. Van Damne and Chuck Norris were all jewel free too! Call me a dinosaur, but I still believe that a real man can’t focus too much on the way he look. This may be old school, but I can’t help it. Nowadays, I have new idols, and some of them are effeminate, to say the least. Johnny Depp is the perfect example.

Johnny Depp


Who wouldn’t want to look like Johnny Depp? He’s one of the top sex symbol of the 21st century, and he can get any woman he wants. I have to admit he’s looking pretty good with them jewels… Wooden watches, handkerchiefs, old school glasses, discret necklace, that’s at least 4 pieces of jewelry, and he still looks badass.

The main problem comes from the idea that these rich actors are models, when in fact, their fashion choices are not more valuable than yours and mine. Shouldn’t we, the majority, determine what is cool or not? Shouldn’t you, as an individual, dertermine what you define as cool?

My conclusion is that jewelry should only be wear if it makes you feel like yourself, not if you think it makes you look like a star.

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